Business development

Business development

Business development is important in fueling economic development because more entrepreneurship, for instance, creates jobs and opens market opportunities. We, therefore, stimulate entrepreneurial skills because we believe these are essential for development.

Our purpose is to accelerate business development and startups. VC4A stimulates this process by providing accessible online courses on business development within the VC4A Startup Academy. Participants will learn about the latest industry insights and get practical expert advice. Moreover, they can make use of practical startup tools and templates as free downloads.

The content of Academy.VC4A’s business development courses

We have taken care of a solid buildup and by doing so you will gain all the insights you need when you’re setting up a business. You receive knowledge on the starting phase, the growing phase and all financial and legal aspects.

Our academy provides 4 complementary courses in the following themes.

  1. Start your business
  2. Grow your business
  3. Finance your business
  4. Your legal business

Free business courses for startup founders

start a business online course

Start your business

The ‘Start your business’ course is aimed at founders who are in the phase of developing ideas and testing … More

Growing a business online course

Grow your business

The course on ‘Grow your business’ is for startup founders who are looking to scale their operations when t… More

Finance your business

The ‘Finance your business’ course is aimed at entrepreneurs who are looking to raise external capita… More

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A focus on developing business in Africa

Developing business in Africa has been our main goal since the start of our organization in 2007. Africa is a continent with great opportunities and we are glad we already have supported 12,000+ startup founders across the continent building new businesses. Look at the active ventures in for example Nigeria, Egypt and Somalia. Our organization further supports startups in Africa and globally by breaking down barriers in accessing venture capital and various startup program opportunities.

New business development: sharpening and developing a business plan

Are you ready for the development of new business? Get started! We offer all the tools to sharpen or develop a business plan and explore market opportunities. Our courses can be followed at your own pace and in your own time. This makes it ideal to combine with other activities. You can just follow the parts you like or complete all courses. With the successful completion, you will receive a certificate which is of added value to your resume.