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Module 4: Introduction

Just as “investor readiness” means different things to different people, “ready to scale” also has several meanings. This module takes a four-pronged approach:

1. Have you achieved product/market fit and do you know about the 180-degree behavior change that follows?
2. Is your team ready to scale?
3. Do you know how to scale your business processes?
4. Have you developed workarounds for the structural barriers to scalability?

Outcome: Companies will be able to self-assess which parts of their businesses need focus in order to prepare for scaling. Then, working with mentors, they can develop a plan to address the most pressing barriers to scalability that also represent barriers to fundraising.

XL Africa Academy


The XL Africa Academy consists out of nine intensive training modules, designed to complement mentorship. As with the entire XL Africa program, these modules are created to help companies looking to raise post-seed capital in order to scale. The advanced content is brief and action oriented: what are the most important things you need to focus on to accelerate funding, corporate partnerships and growth?


  • Instructor led video
  • Guest speaker video
  • Supplementary written content
  • Additional reading materials
  • Worksheets


You Will…

  • Learn the subtleties of communicating with investors and navigating the challenging process of fundraising, from an experienced investor
  • Understand how to graduate from the Lean Canvas framework to scaling your business frameworks
  • Address the next set of questions and issues that follow completion of initial product delivery and early traction in your first market

With The Goals Of…

  • Focusing discussions with mentors on the most urgent issues and most advanced advice
  • Preparing for professional discussions with investors throughout the program but especially during the November 2017 residency
  • Accelerating progress towards success in the long and often frustrating processes of fundraising, corporate partnership and scaling
  • Building on your initial success and breaking out of the pack.
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