Entrepreneurship course in Egypt

Entrepreneurship course in Egypt

VC4A offers you a free entrepreneurship course in Egypt. Our aim is to spark the development of new startups in a country full of young people who have a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship. We do this because we believe this is a key driver for a prosperous future.

In 2018 about 3% of more than 12,000 businesses active on VC4A.com were from Egypt. By providing free entrepreneurship courses we aim to expand the number of Egyptian businesses active on our platform. We hope you will be interested in our range of services as well.

The diverse content of our course

The course provides you with the necessary information, insights and tools you need to get your business running. By providing both theoretical frameworks as practical expert insights you gain knowledge on every aspect of setting up a business. The courses consist of multiple inspiring videos, engaging quizzes and useful downloads and tools to get you acquainted to all the aspects of the entrepreneurial field.

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The buildup of our entrepreneurship course in Egypt

The content and buildup of our entrepreneurship courses in Egypt are well chosen. A principle we value highly is to spend the right amount of attention on all aspects of being an entrepreneur. Therefore, our course consists of 4 different complementary courses:

  1. Start your business
  2. Grow your business
  3. Finance your business
  4. Your legal business

Each course is divided into small modules that can be followed at your own pace and in your own time. By following the entrepreneurship course, you will add valuable insights to your business plan. Moreover, you will develop marketing strategies for growth and dig into the financial and legal aspects of running your own company.

Scholarship for entrepreneurs: free online course with certificate

Our entrepreneurship course is accessible for everybody who’s interested. The course thereby provides an excellent opportunity for Egyptian entrepreneurs to deepen their knowledge of entrepreneurship.

Completing one of the courses, you will be granted a certificate of completion which adds value to your resume. Do you want to see which ventures already got started? Take a look at our ventures in Egypt.