Entrepreneurship program in Nigeria

Entrepreneurship program in Nigeria

Are you looking for an accessible online entrepreneurship program in Nigeria? The Academy of VC4A offers exactly what you need. In our program, you will receive theoretical frameworks tailored for the Nigerian startup-ecosystem. These insights are supported by expert advice with practical tips. The downloads like practical documents and templates make starting your own business a lot easier.

Many Nigerian entrepreneurs already made use of our entrepreneurship program. Take a look at the ventures in Nigeria to see the diverse and innovative nature of these initiatives. Our entrepreneurship program in Nigeria aims to spark new ideas through innovation, creativity and the desire to build something of lasting value to individuals.

Free business courses for startup founders

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Start your business

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Growing a business online course

Grow your business

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Finance your business

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Entrepreneurship education program in Nigeria: broad evidence on effectiveness

With our entrepreneurship education program in Nigeria, we try to stimulate the development of the private sector as this can be seen as the “engine” of growth. It plays a very prominent role in the overall national development. Therefore, a vibrant, buoyant, responsive and well-developed private sector will enhance and accelerate the development of the Nigerian economy (Oguntimehin, 2016).

The effectiveness of the education programs

There is broad empirical evidence that entrepreneurship education programs in Nigeria empower citizens to become self-employed (Afolabi et al., 2017). By providing these kinds of education, socio-economic growth can be accelerated as the supply of entrepreneurs increases. Therefore, it’s prudent that entrepreneurship education programs in Nigeria are vigorously pursued.

Entrepreneurship program online: join our free training courses

You can follow our entrepreneurship program online. This way, you can determine your own pace. Follow the courses as a whole or just the one you are interested in at this point. You will be granted a certificate of completion when you complete a course. This is of added value to your resume. The build-up of our courses for startups in Nigeria is as follows:

  1. Start your business
  2. Grow your business
  3. Finance your business
  4. Your legal business