Entrepreneurship training in Egypt

Entrepreneurship training in Egypt

Are you looking for free and accessible entrepreneurship training in Egypt? The Academy of VC4A provides you with comprehensive knowledge about starting and growing your business.

Many young Egyptians are willing to become an entrepreneur and we want to stimulate this process by offering them all the resources to make the start of a business in Egypt successful. Providing these kinds of training is important as it has, besides cumulative experience, a significant impact on the success of startups in the Egyptian startup-ecosystem (Zaki & Nahed, 2019).

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By offering short courses and entrepreneurship training in Egypt we hope to accelerate the development of new businesses. In 4 separate courses, all aspects of setting up and growing a business will be handled. We offer theoretical frameworks and useful tools for a smooth startup and successful growing phase, thereby covering all financial and legal aspects. The courses, structured in multiple modules, deal with the following themes:

  1. Start your business
  2. Grow your business
  3. Finance your business
  4. Your legal business

Free business courses for startup founders

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Start your business

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Growing a business online course

Grow your business

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Finance your business

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Our free entrepreneurship academy in Egypt: a comprehensive source for startups in Egypt

Each year more Egyptian entrepreneurs are finding their way to our online entrepreneurship academy. We count over 300 participants from Egypt which in part already have started their business by making use of our platform.

Take a look at our ventures in Egypt to see the diverse and innovative nature of these enterprises.