Start business in Somalia

Start a business in Somalia

Do you want to start a business in Somalia? The Academy of VC4A helps you on your path to success. We offer free business courses for starting Somalian entrepreneurs. By doing so, we provide comprehensive insights on starting and growing a business. Already hundreds of Somalis followed our course and we hope you will be the next.

Study shows that following entrepreneurship training significantly increases success while starting a business in Somalia (Mohammed & Ali, 2017). In many countries, entrepreneurship training is a key necessity to the development and growth of entrepreneurship as it is an important tool in changing the attitude and transfer of skills to people with entrepreneurial traits. We want to stimulate this process by providing easily accessible and short business courses.

Free business courses for startup founders

start a business online course

Start your business

The ‘Start your business’ course is aimed at founders who are in the phase of developing ideas and testing … More

Growing a business online course

Grow your business

The course on ‘Grow your business’ is for startup founders who are looking to scale their operations when t… More

Finance your business

The ‘Finance your business’ course is aimed at entrepreneurs who are looking to raise external capita… More

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Why is starting a business in Somalia important for the community?

Starting a business in Somalia is a fruitful way to create your own occupation and cover your needs. As more entrepreneurs start their own business, room for employment increases and this improves the economy of the community. By starting a business in Somalia, you empower yourself and sharpen your entrepreneurial skills from which you and other young Somalis can benefit greatly. Look at our ventures in Somalia to see which startups already got on their way.

Business ideas in Somalia

In our courses, you can work out your business ideas in Somalia. You will thereby receive tailored theoretical frameworks and expert advice with practical tips. Moreover, you can download useful documents and templates, to make setting up your business easier. The build-up of our courses is as follows:

  1. Start your business
  2. Grow your business
  3. Finance your business
  4. Your legal business

VC4A functions as a business incubator

Our platform is also a business incubator for enterprises in their early stage of development. By joining our academy, you can benefit from business advice, resources, mentors and advisor contacts and funding. Our experienced executives are there for you to guide you and to test your business model. This way, our platform increases the chance for a successful market introduction of your business ideas in Somalia.

Follow our free business development course and start a business in Somalia

Do you have the ambition and drive to start a business in Somalia? Get started with our business course and follow all four parts or just the parts that you need. By finishing the complete course, you will be granted a certificate of completion which will give your resume a boost.