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Exploring Business Models in the Jobtech Sector

Content Summary

The purpose of this course is to spotlight the nascent but rapidly growing jobtech sector in Africa and showcase different business models in the space. The course also shows how technology is playing a significant role in providing a solution to bridging employment and income gaps across the African continent.

The course modules are based on the Jobtech Alliance’s research and each module contains an introductory video that explains a business model, case studies from founders operating in the industry, external resources for further study and reflection questions.

If you are an entrepreneur focused on creating jobs in Africa, then this course is for you. If you are an investor, researcher, or policymaker interested in how technology will drive the future of work in Africa then you will also benefit from taking this course.

By the end of this course you will:

  • be able to define and identify a jobtech business
  • be able to apply the learnings of this course to improve your business model or pivot to a more profitable and sustainable business model
  • learn about startups operating in the African jobtech sector and how they are making impact by leveraging technology to create jobs
  • learn about the different jobtech business models that exist in the African market
  • learn about investment opportunities in the jobtech sector

This course is brought to you by the Jobtech Alliance and VC4A as part of the effort of the Work in Progress Alliance, a Netherlands government-funded project aiming to enable young African people from diverse backgrounds to generate sustainable living wages and create optimism about their future.

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5 modules, 15 minutes per module
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Read/view all modules and answer the reflection questions
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