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Leading with Data

Leading with data – Part I: The fundamentals

This “Leading with Data” course was designed to help you collect and use data to make better strategic decisions for your venture. By the end of this training, you will understand where your blind spots are (i.e. where the lack of data undermines your strategy, operations and impact), and will be able to produce surveys to inform your most important decisions at almost no cost.

We developed this course because most entrepreneurs in the early stages of their ventures take important decisions based on instinct rather than on data. And that works just fine… as long as they are small. Nevertheless, as your company grows, reaches more customers, and generates more impact, you will realize that taking the right decisions requires more than good instinct.

In a modern business environment, our assumptions need to be constantly reevaluated, and we need to be sure to avoid biases and preconceived ideas in our decision making. This course will improve your ability to do just that and will teach you how to take decisions based on hard data, rather than intuition.

This course is divided in 2 parts:

  • Part I: “The fundamentals” provides a structured approach to help you identify the (often implicit) assumptions that underpin your model, assess whether you have any blind spots, and determine what data you need to confirm – or challenge – these assumptions
  • Part II: “The execution” guides you in designing, implementing, and analyzing a field survey on customers and other stakeholders in a quick, easy and low-cost manner

Are you ready to start leading with data?


Jessica Graf

Jessica Graf

Jessica Graf (Zurich-Switzerland) is the Founder and Managing Director of LeFil Consulting. Before LeFil, she spent 8 years in developing countries, serving public and non-profit institutions, such as the UNDP, Action contre la Faim, the OSCE and the Swiss Foreign and Economic Affairs. She then worked at McKinsey & Company and managed Vietnam Holding Asset Management for another 6 years. She graduated in Political Sciences at the University of Geneva and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Björn Strüwer

Bernardo Neves

Bernardo Neves is the founding partner at Ventus, a capability-building firm. He has over 15 years of experience in top-management consultancy at McKinsey, where he spent 5 years as a global partner. He has experience in over 50 performance transformation projects, for companies in consumer goods and financial services. At McKinsey, he led “McKinsey Capability for Performance” in Latin America, supporting large-scale transformation programs with capability tools and methodologies. He holds an MBA degree from MIT Sloan.

Rafael Boff

Rafael Boff

Rafael Boff is a partner at Ventus. He has over 10 years of experience in top-management consultancy at McKinsey & Company. He has experience in dozens of transformation programs in industries such as basic materials, retail, and consumer goods. At McKinsey, he led the retail transformation tribe in Brazil, supporting clients with a holistic approach to improve performance and organizational health. Rafael holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.