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Gender Mainstreaming

Gender Mainstreaming

The Gender Mainstreaming workshop is designed to help you recognize and fight the gender biases that influence your organization, and work, as well as private life. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to identify opportunities for gender mainstreaming in your venture and develop effective and exciting initiatives to promote gender equity in your company.

This workshop is divided into 3 modules and for each module, we prepared some interesting explanatory videos, insightful resources, and challenging exercises.

  • In Module 1, you will learn about gender bias and discover all the ways it impacts you and everyone around you
  • In Module 2, you will discover the benefits of integrating a gender-lens in your organization’s strategy and operations and explore opportunities to capture these benefits
  • In Module 3, you will be exposed to some practical examples and success stories and will craft two powerful gender mainstreaming initiatives.

Dozens of social entrepreneurs have taken this workshop, and many came out realizing that gender mainstreaming could help their organization and their team significantly. Past participants describe the workshop as an eye-opener, as well as the trigger that led them to launch strategic initiatives within their organization and beyond.

Are you ready to embark on the gender mainstreaming journey?


Jessica graf

Jessica Graf

Jessica Graf (Zurich-Switzerland) is the Founder and Managing Director of LeFil Consulting. Before LeFil, she spent 8 years in developing countries, serving public and non-profit institutions, such as the UNDP, Action contre la Faim, the OSCE and the Swiss Foreign and Economic Affairs. She then worked at McKinsey & Company and managed Vietnam Holding Asset Management for another 6 years. She graduated in Political Sciences at the University of Geneva and holds an MBA from INSEAD.