Pitch your business

Investors prefer putting their money into businesses with a low-risk profile. The more risk, the higher the investors’ expectations of a financial return. Investors are experts at measuring risk and have a sixth sense for the factors that influence the growth of their capital.

In this module, we will teach you to assess your business’s risk profile from an investor’s perspective and show you how to use a risk management framework to develop and continuously review your risk profile. You will also learn how to make a strong pitch deck that investors can’t miss.

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Finance your business

The ‘Finance your business’ course is aimed at entrepreneurs who are looking to raise external capital.

In the first module you will learn how to structure your business’ financials, contracts, and other legalities. The second module unpacks how to fundraise successfully.

Each module has a number of learning resources, which include:
• Theoretical breakdowns where concepts are introduced – relevant to the African context.
• Videos of leading business professionals, entrepreneurs and investors, sharing expert advice,
• Quizzes where you’ll be challenged to apply what you have learnt,
• Useful downloadable templates and documents.


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