Entrepreneurship course

Entrepreneurship course

Are you looking for a good entrepreneurship course? Don’t look any further. We provide free online business courses where you can learn everything about setting up a business. VC4A has broad experience with providing accessible startup courses. We stimulate entrepreneurship because we believe this is a key driver for development. Already thousands of participants followed our course and we welcome you as well.

The buildup of the courses

We have taken great care of the buildup of our courses and therefore we handle everything thoroughly, from the startup phase to the growing phase and all financial and legal aspects. These are the 4 complementary courses.

  1. Start your business
  2. Grow your business
  3. Finance your business
  4. Your legal business

Free business courses for startup founders

start a business online course

Start your business

The ‘Start your business’ course is aimed at founders who are in the phase of developing ideas and testing … More

Growing a business online course

Grow your business

The course on ‘Grow your business’ is for startup founders who are looking to scale their operations when t… More

Finance your business

The ‘Finance your business’ course is aimed at entrepreneurs who are looking to raise external capita… More

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The content of our online entrepreneurship development course

Feel free to take a look at the content of our online entrepreneurship development course. Each course consists of modules and this offers the possibility to select only those parts that are of interest to you.

Our entrepreneurship development course provides tailored theoretical frameworks and expert advice with practical tips. Besides, you can take engaging quizzes to test your knowledge each time you have finished a chapter. The useful downloadable documents and templates will make the life of a startup founder a lot easier. Read the testimonials of former participants and get inspired.

A free online course with a certificate for successful completion

Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur to explore new markets? Then you can learn a lot from our entrepreneurship course which you can follow at your own pace and time. This makes it ideal to combine with other activities like a study or a job. When completing you will get a certificate which is of added value to your resume and increases opportunities on the labour market.